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Adrienne’s mission is to provide each one of her clients with the insight, wisdom, clarity and guidance to empower them to skillfully navigate the resolution of their issues and well accomplish their objectives and goals.

A native of New York City, Adrienne has been happily fulfilling her mission working with her clients, globally, through private appointments and telephone consultations. Among those who have benefited from sessions with Adrienne are clients from a broad base of professional backgrounds:  financial investors, corporate directors and executives, film makers, lawyers, business owners, banking executives, physicians and other health professionals, professors, writers, accountants, psychologists, real estate professionals, models, musicians, artists, manufacturers, designers, travel agents, retailers, actors, writers, social workers, physicists, collectors and law enforcement officers.

During childhood Adrienne’s intuitive abilities were first noted by family and friends and as she transited into adulthood Adrienne sought out, studied and successfully utilized various mediums. Yet, she continued her exploration questing for the optimum medium through which to combine and express her intuitive talents, her innate comprehension of the human psyche, her keen intellect, her inherent compassion and her affirming optimism. Quite by happenstance, early in 1988, she discovered the Runes and in them the perfect medium to fully experience the outflow of her intuitive talent. Launching into an intense and concentrated study, with extraordinary swiftness and adeptness, Adrienne fully mastered the language of the Runes, and implemented their advantageous use in her client consultations. Adrienne’s intuitive strength coupled with her strong affinity for the Runes empowers her with the ability to impart to her clients the highly personalized insight, wisdom and assistance they seek.

Adrienne’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts Degree in the Dual Majors of English Literature and Education from York College of the City University of New York, and a Master of Arts degree in English Literature from New York University. Additionally, she is a certified Reiki Master Practitioner in the Usui tradition.

Her professional background began teaching English Literature at the Intermediate and Junior College Levels. Moving on to the corporate world, working in academic, technology, manufacturing, and service fields in non-profit and commercial organizations, Adrienne gained technical knowledge and honed expertise in management, internal accounting and financial practices, consulting and sales. In 1979, her expertise birthed a commercial business, which she still conducts, in addition to her fulfilling Intuitive and Reiki practices.

Dynamic in mind, spirit, energy, enthusiasm, intellect, and creativity, Adrienne is a published photographer and an artist whose work has been exhibited and is in private collections in the US, the UK and Italy.

Compassionate and committed to the benefit of others, Adrienne is a member of the Board of Directors for The Creative Center: Arts in Healthcare. The Creative Center is a non-profit organization providing a remarkable creative community for those living with cancer and other chronic illnesses. The on-site workshops and in-hospital and hospice programs offered are focused on eliciting the transformative power of creativity in aiding the physical and emotional well-being of those challenged by living with illness. Committed to the rapidly emerging field of Arts in Healthcare, The Creative Center also offers unique programs, seminars, and training for health professionals and artists. Adrienne is also an active member of the Fundraising Committee for Infinity Dance Theater, a non-profit, non-traditional dance company comprised of dancers with and without disabilities. Infinity Dance Theater is dedicated to expanding the boundaries of dance and changing the world's perception of what a dancer is through their world-wide performances and inspiring, empowering educational and performance programs,

Living a multifaceted vital existence strengthens Adrienne’s energy sensitive intuitive work, enhancing her intrinsic sensitivity to and acute perception of the diverse energies that influence all our lives. And this heightened proficiency well serves her clientele in receiving the specific counsel they seek.