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I have been consulting with Adrienne for the past 30 years. Over this time, working with her has proven vital, to me, in making the transit from employee to entrepreneur, in growing my own successful business, and in continually determining what would be the most effective decisions. Guidance from Adrienne has enabled me to maintain a successful balance between all the aspects of my life.

Business Owner
New York, NY

Over the last ten years, working with Adrienne has helped me greatly in making important business decisions. As a physician running my own medical practice, her very accurate insight, information and predictions, delivered with intelligence, integrity and dedication, have proven a valuable resource in dealing with my staff, office operations and the directions in which I grow my practice. Adrienne has always guided me in the right direction.

New York City, NY

Adrienne Jaret's consultations have been invaluable in helping me with various business, and on occasion, personal issues. Time and again, she manages to hit the nail on the head, separating fears and anxieties from fact and common sense, and her intuitive readings always come with a large measure of personal warmth and generosity of spirit which are her trademarks. I highly recommend her consultations.

University Professor
Seattle, WA

As a scientist who has been exposed to Adrienne’s intuitive approach, I certify her consultative remarks to be of high precision and right on target. I certify the helpfulness of her approach in my life and in the life of my daughter. The first time I contacted Adrienne for a consultation, seeking insightful guidance to a major issue I was tackling, I was hesitant about working with an intuitive consultant. Working with her, however, quickly eliminated these hesitations.

Bronislaw Czarnocha, PhD & Professor
New York, NY

My dear Adrienne: Over the years, we have consulted regarding many things both professional and personal. In each of those conversations, you have brought new insight, new options, and new avenues to light. Thank you for all that you have done.

San Francisco CA

I have consulted with Adrienne for many years now, and have found her advice and help to be invaluable. She has an insightful grasp of a situation going well beyond surface appearances. She is able to intuit the surrounding and attendant psychologies, thus giving a much clearer and larger picture. One example: a few years ago I was to make a solo CD with an orchestra in another country. I called her in a total panic the day I was to leave saying I didn't feel I was prepared and wanted to cancel. She read the Runes for the situation and, in short, saw that if I went to record the CD would be quite successful, but if I didn't there would be some damage to my career reputation. I went, and the CD has been quite a critical success. Thank you, Adrienne!

RF, Classical Musician

Working with Adrienne is an enlightening experience. Her ability to tune in with energy and help shift static areas has helped me to open up. I have been able to approach areas of my life with a new perspective.

Menna Olvera
Owner One Route Entertainment/ Yoga Instructor "Amrita Yoga"
New York, NY

Dear Adrienne,
I appreciate the genuine advice and support you have given to me in the past, as it has given me clarity, focus, and peace of mind throughout all aspects of my personal and professional life. I truly believe your services will be of tremendous help to others who are seeking insight and guidance, especially in times of uncertainty.
Love always,

Fashion Buyer

Your extraordinary ability and insight are definitely priceless gifts to all those who have received your help. I am very fortunate to have known you and to have the benefits of your help and advice.  It is through your advice, insight and encouragement that I was able to keep my focus on my priorities and not merely act out of fear and stress. You have helped me through some of the worst times and I am eternally grateful.

Business Owner
Manhattan, NY

Adrienne Jaret is a very compassionate and intuitively gifted healer. During a very challenging period of my life her insights have been a valuable tool in helping me find better balance and clarity as I worked through this difficult transition. I am filled with gratitude.

K. L.
Dance Educator
New York City, NY

Over the years, Adrienne’s incredibly insightful, thoughtful and supportive counsel has helped guide me to make good choices in both my personal and professional life. 

“I first met Adrienne at a time in my life where everything was in flux and each decision I made was crucial to establishing a secure future. She not only guided me onto the best possible path, but also helped me to really see what all my options and possibilities were so that I could always make the best choice. I am happy to say that, over the last 14 years, I have achieved my goals, both professionally and personally, and am continuing to do so with her help. Adrienne is not only a wise, gifted intuitive consultant, but a valuable life coach. She is my secret weapon to being successful and happy in life and I couldn’t do it without her.”

Art Director
Brooklyn, NY

During the more than a quarter century I have know Adrienne I have learned with Adrienne it's as if she musters an electrical connection to help people manifest power within ourselves to overcome burdens we have permitted to bog us down. Without Adrienne's intuitive skills I might never have taken the initiative to relocate to Arizona where I've been "at home" for over 17 years. The move was not spiritual, it was progressive, I knew I preferred Arizona, I was just resisting change and the unknown. Intuit to me is merely the voice of reason casting aside precepts and conditioning which remove us from our own successes.
W Reid
Web Designer

I have actively worked with Adrienne for over 6 years. As a service professional and business owner, I am constantly confronted with a multiplicity of issues, including day to day situations or long-term planning (such as locating office space, recruitment and selection of new employees or subcontractors, business promotions, etc) which often require me to make decisions or take action even when I do not have sufficient facts available at the time. Adrienne's consultations have been helpful and supportive in my role as a business owner/manager, as she has provided me with insight to explore the pros and cons of each option so that I could make the more informed decision and ultimately select the options most suitable for my objectives. Her consultations have been particularly helpful when she offers me insight and advice by utilizing her "intuitive" or "psychic" gifts in situations where such information would not be otherwise known to me. Overall, I have found Adrienne's assistance to be invaluable and I highly recommend her services to any business owner, executive or manager.

Attorney & Business Owner
New York City, NY

New York, NY I have been consulting with Adrienne since 1996. Over the years, she has proven quite valuable in assisting me with professional, legal and personal matters. Very accurate and talented, Adrienne is definitely a superb Intuitive Consultant. It is horrible to feel deadlocked. Working with someone who is as intuitive, intelligent, insightful, compassionate and uplifting, as Adrienne is, can really help!

Fashion Designer
New York, NY

My name is Fusun Dulger Charles, of Turkish origin, I used to be a Fashion Advisor and Store Manager and Chief Operation for various designer stores, among other Armani, Cactus and Neiman Marcus. I changed profession at the age of 55 and turned to the love of my life: Yoga, after a long and demanding study and becoming the apprentice of Jyoti Crystal for three years, I graduated as a Yoga, Meditation and Chakra Healing Teacher.

I lived all over the world, as my father was a diplomat, and always had a yearly reading so I could plan my life. In the USA, I tried several mediums, and none really impressed me until my daughter gifted me for an hour of Rune Reading with Adrienne Jaret, her prediction for me, my family who is dispersed all over Europe, my work and my energies were so exact that I dropped everyone else and now have now two readings a year at my birthday and at New Year. She has never disappointed me, predicting things to the most minute detail. I also consult her when I have a problem that I cannot solve. She is now my counselor, my friend and my advisor. I can plan my life accordingly and interact with my grown up children without fluffing their feathers as I know their inside stories. It is much cheaper and much more healing than seeing a psychologist or a counselor.

Adrienne, using the Runes as inspiration, has an amazing insights. I give her name to all my friends who have a problem and they have all been amazed and helped by her visions and her amazing work.

Fusun D. Charles R.Y.T. Yoga Teacher
"Wherever you turn there is God"
Denville, New Jersey

Hi Adrienne,
You have helped me over the years to see things clearly. Your guidance has brought me to my higher good. I respect and cherish you in all your wisdom. I will always continue to seek your guidance.
Love always,

New Jersey

I have been calling upon Adrienne for consultations for several years. She's truly gifted. Adrienne's intuitive ability has always revealed to me, that, which supports my highest good. I go to her for council and support when I need clarity and direction. I'm appreciative of her talents and have been extremely pleased with our sessions. I recommend Adrienne highly.