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Your capability to navigate your career, your business and your personal life, with clarity and insight, is enhanced during your intuitive consultation, whether we consult by telephone or in person.  

The consultation is uniquely specific to your needs and the approach is a very humanistic one. Together, we develop and work through a pertinent series of questions focused on the concerns and elements involved in the issue you are addressing. Often, the informative response to a question can answer several questions or it can trigger addressing new concepts not previously conceived.

Perhaps, you wish to leave your current job position to enter into your own professional enterprise. We might explore the wisdom, timing and focus needed to make this change a successful endeavor. Our exploration may build into additional questions addressing funds, marketing, inventory, staffing or how to optimize a partnership or other professional relationships through co-mutual collaboration. You may seek to explore different strategies and approaches to compare their value toward achieving your projected success. Our exploration can investigate the intentions, perspectives and reactions of others. Together, we can examine how to develop your business product to enhance its acceptance in your marketplace. And where we find obstacles, we can investigate the wisest ways and means for you to overcome them.

You may wish to understand the underlying motivation for the behavior of your colleagues, family or peers and to resolve the conflicts this behavior causes in your relationship with one another. Your concerns may be focused on issues with relocation, the sale or purchase of personal property, child care, or pet behavior. Any individualized issues preventing you from moving forward, achieving successful outcomes, or obtaining a positive quality of life can all be worked through during our consultation. And, a consultation also proves a valuable tool toward maintaining or improving currently beneficial professional or personal circumstances.