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Consultation Scenario: Dialogue


Client:  I donít know where to begin or exactly what to ask. Iíve been unhappy in my current job. Frustrated, actually. And I have been looking for many months. Suddenly, I find myself with two job offers, and I donít know which one to accept, or if I should stay where I am for now. Both job offers have drawbacks, and of course, so does the job I am in, or I would not be out their looking for a new position. There are different sets of issues preventing me from making a decision. Let me explain...

Adrienne:  No, wait...please donít explain further. For me to work effectively with you, I find that less is more. With less detailed information it is easier for me to work primarily in right brain functioning. Later, as more insight, awareness and a deeper clarity into your situation unfolds, I will work with you from the perspective of full brain functioning. For now, in your own words, from the first thoughts in your head, just tell me, in a brief sentence or two, what is it you wish to know?

Client:  Should I accept either of the two recent job offers or should I remain where I am?

Adrienne:  Fine. Letís compare all three options. First, letís start with the two offers. Sometimes, both offers may be equally good or equally unsatisfactory. Or one option may be better than the other in some aspects, but not in others, or both offers may ultimately not be what you are seeking.

Client:  Uh hmm, I see.

Adrienne:  Letís develop some direct questions and seek the answers to them. We can investigate each prospective position, specifically and in detail. 

Client:  Okay. The first job offer I received looks very inviting in terms of where I see my career going, but I am not confident that they have really represented what this position entails. Frankly, I am concerned how this job will turn out if I choose to take it.

Adrienne:  Great. Letís ask: If you accept the first job offer received, will your overall job responsibilities prove to be as they have been presented to you? Will you like and work well with your colleagues? Will you and your direct superior maintain a good working rapport? What will this direct superior be expecting from you in terms of work performance? What is the nature of this direct supervisorís personality?

Adrienne and the Client work through the questions and the answers. The answers to the questions build out to more questions...

Client:  Iíd also like an idea of where each of the two positions might lead over time.

Adrienne:  Letís address each potential job position independently with the same set of questions...for instance:  Will I be developing new valuable skills? Will there be greater financial remuneration over time? Will there be room for me to move to a higher position in this firm or will I essentially be locked in? In what ways would this job position benefit you? What, if anything, would be the pitfalls? What, if anything, would you need to be concerned or cautious about if you accepted this position with this firm? What would you need to focus on to insure this job position would be a successful one for you? Will this position be a secure one? Is this firmís corporate character a good match for you? Would your direct supervisory staff find you to be a good match for them? How does the firm treat itsí employees? What objectives are you truly seeking for yourself in terms of a new position? Will you be able to fulfill those expectations with this position in a mutually satisfactory manner? From a broader more long term perspective, would you be happy that you made the decision to accept this position? 

Client:  This seems a really good way to approach my issue.

Adrienne:  We can also explore, if need be, if neither job offer seems truly advantageous, how you may improve your current positionís circumstances, or your attitude in regard to it, until you do find a position that is a good fit.

Client and Adrienne work through the list of prepared questions securing answers for each question as related to each job offer.

Client:  I also have some concerns about flexibility in terms of work hours and the amount of travel that would be required.

Adrienne:  If you have questions about flexibility of hours, working from home or other personal concerns as they relate to the parameters of each position at each firm, letís deal specifically with them...

Once informative answers to all the questions are obtained the client then has more clarity and insight as to which position would most likely be the best for them. Client and Adrienne address an overview of the potential options.

Client:  It seems both positions have great overall potential for me. Can we explore which position would be the most wise and beneficial choice for me?

Adrienne:  Absolutely...and we can also ask why this would be so.

The preceding dialogue is a representation of a possible consultation with Adrienne. The client, with Adrienneís assistance, formulates specific questions geared to their individualized needs, issues, circumstances and courses of action. Informative revealing answers are obtained. Often this information can lead to additional related questions broadening, even further, the clientís magnitude of understanding, knowledge, insight, and options. After all has been fully explored, examined and reviewed with Adrienne, the client has gained the powerful advantage of an enhanced comprehensive perspective to add to their own acuity...and with this comes empowerment to move forward.