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To quickly move into exploring the complex energies involved in your issue, I couple my intuitive strength with my affinity for the Runes. Working with the pictographic Runic alphabet, which functions as a right brain trigger, enables me to move beyond superfluous energies and go directly to the most influential factors that have had and will have impact in addressing the questions at hand. 

Energy, as electromagnetic particles, exists in everything. We and all things that exist in our universe, whether tangible in form, as a human body or a stone, or intangible, as a thought or a light wave, are ultimately composed of electromagnetic particles which are generated from a central source, a higher consciousness energy field, a universal creative force. The information and knowledge sought resides in this universal consciousness, or energy source, and therefore, within the personal sub-conscious mind.  

As I tap into the zone of higher consciousness energy, the realm of universal wisdom, the bridge between the rational thought processes of the logical left brain, or conscious mind, and the perceptive processes of the intuitive right brain, or subconscious mind, is created. The result lies in the valuable, empowering, informative responses received to the queries made.

From each consultation you receive insightful tools garnered from obtaining a more expansive perspective and a broader relationship to the world around you, enabling you to move onto a path of rightful thinking, productive decision-making and positive action.

The outflow of my intuitive strength, during our consultation, united with my genuine intention to serve with integrity, intelligence, respect, and compassion, provides me with the ability to impart, in a highly personalized tone, the insight and assistance you seek.